Do you have dolls that need restringing...
...but you don't want to pay a doll hospital's high prices?

Learn how to do it yourself with this ebook!

A few years back, I bought a doll stringing kit on eBay. It came with all the elastic, rubber bands, and hooks that I needed...but the "instructions" were nothing but hand-drawn, handwritten photocopies! It took me a lot of trial and error to figure out how to restring a doll based on those instructions, but eventually I figured it out - and perfected the technique!

I'm sure there are other doll lovers out there who would like to restring their own dolls, but can't make heads or tails of how to begin. Or maybe you have restrung a few dolls before, but are unsure of whether you did it the right way...or the best way. Whoever you are, this ebook is sure to help!

How to Restring a Strung Doll contains simple, easy-to-understand steps to help you restring your doll. The ebook is also illustrated with photos of an actual restringing job, to help you with each step.

How to Restring a Strung Doll will teach you how to restring all strung dolls, such as:
Mary Hoyer
Madame Alexander Margaret and Maggie
Effanbee (F&B) Honey
American Character Sweet Sue
Arranbee (R&B) Nancy Lee and Nanette
Unmarked and Made in the USA dolls
Composition dolls
Vogue Ginny
Nancy Ann Muffie and Style Show
And many more!

Because the ebook is an electronic file, you will be able to download How to Restring a Strung Doll immediately after purchase - no waiting required! Unlike some ebook authors, I have set my price to reflect my lack of printing expenses. You're paying for high quality information - and that's it!

Here's what other doll collectors are saying about How to Restring a Strung Doll:

“It's a great book and looks to be very easy to follow! A friend of mine recently found some old 8" Madame Alexander dolls that she had as a child. There were 5 dolls and all the heads and legs were disconnected because the elastics had disintegrated. She knows that I collect dolls and I asked if I wanted to have them and maybe repair them. I have cleaned up and restored old dolls in the past, but I have never restrung any before. I was about to give up and just sell all the parts on eBay, but after seeing your book, I feel much more confident that I can fix them. Thanks for writing such a great book!”

“I received your email, with the book attached. Thanks for resending! I just read the pages, and now understand how to string a doll. Thank you so much! The instructions are easy to follow, and your photos are very helpful.”

- Karen Crane

“I received the ebook without any trouble. I've already looked through it and it is exactly the info I needed!”

Buy How to Restring a Strung Doll for only $2.99, and give your dolls the TLC they deserve...from mommy's own loving hands!